Guide to the Red Light district Manila

Burgos Street is filled with neon-lit girlie bars

Burgos Street is filled with neon-lit girlie bars

Manila is popular in the underground sex trade scene. You will find red light districts in particular areas of the city despite the disapproval of the city's local authorities. While most tourists come to Manila for its culture, history, dining and shopping options, some - especially bachelors looking for fun - visit the city to seek girls and naughty nightlife.

There are areas with girlie bars and seedy pubs where you can pick up an attractive and sexy girl to go back with you to your hotel for a few thousand pesos. Manila also has something for ladies looking to have some fun. Whether you prefer a club of strippers, a hole-in-the-wall bar, massage parlours, peep shows or a karaoke bar with pretty hostesses, you can find them all in Manila, and the prices are affordable.

For more information on what you can expect to see inside the bars of Manila's red light district, please go to our go-go bars page.

Red light districts of Manila

There are three major red light districts in Metro Manila: P. Burgos in Makati, Malate district and Ermita. These areas show the naughty side of Manila's nightlife.

Ermita is the oldest red light district and is still active despite efforts of the mayor to clean up its reputation. Resurgence of Japanese and Korean KTV or karaoke bars also made the area more prominent as a source of girls you can take home for a one-night stand. Mabini used to host a range of bars until they were shut down by the authorities.

Some of the bars moved to EDSA's Pasay side at Roxas Boulevard's Corner, near the Casino Filipino and Heritage Hotel. Those bars have a seedy look and feel to them, but the food, drinks and companionship are cheap. The environment is also more relaxed compared to that of P. Burgos in Makati. The payment for girls varies from Php1,500-2,000, but it can go up to Php 2,500 if you want to hang out longer.

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Meeting horny local girls for free
There are also some regular girls interested in meeting foreigners for a fling, but that does not necessarily mean they are prostitutes. Hundreds of horny and lonely modern girls in Manila are browsing online for sex with resident or visiting Westerners - no strings attached. To meet these girls, go to Adult Friend Finder, where there are over 10,000 registered female members with some of them appearing to be 'working girls'.

If you care to stray from the central Manila area, you can consider heading to Makati where there are more go-go girls, particularly in P. Burgos Street. This area is reputed to have a lot of good looking girls, with some of them acting very pushy and pimped by so-called Mama-sans. Girls often approach newcomers and asking if you would like to buy them a drink.

The girlie bar scene of Manila is more laid-back compared to Europe's red light districts which are generally impersonal and businesslike. There is a non-distinctive line between the freelancers roaming around the streets at night, girls inside pubs waiting to be taken to your hotel room and the go-go girls who ply their trade in the bars. From Ermita, you can wander off to Malate and vice versa. It is a good idea to arrange your accommodation within the area if your intention is to explore all the bars.

The heart of Manila's gay nightlife is in Malate, which is accessible from the pension houses, hotels, rental homes and residential apartments frequented by expats. Because it is the area right beside Ermita, Malate boasts an equally lively nightlife and its own red light district, particularly in M. Adriatico Street and Remedios Street. As you roam around, you can find prostitutes in the streets and several places where parties can be enjoyed all night long. Malate is accessible via the LRT-Line 1 stopping at Vito Cruz, Pedro Gil, or Quirino stations. An alternative way to get there is by riding a taxi from any point in Manila.

Can you bring girls back to your hotel?
Some hotels do not mind if you are bringing bar girls back to your room as long as you remain discreet, while some hotels downright forbid it or may charge you an extra fee for bringing a companion. Find out here.

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