Manila tourist information - what to do

Many visitors arriving in the Philippines only use Manila as an entry point and then fly off to the islands without even spending even one day in the capital. But they don’t know how much they are missing. Manila is a city of contrasts with plenty to offer the discerning traveller who takes the time to scratch under the surface.

It is home to both old historic structures from the country’s colonial past and to new high-rise buildings that light up the skies during the night. Manila is also one of the most densely populated places in the world, and this population gives the city an interesting mix of cultures, religion and styles.


Manila is home to many architectural masterpieces from the Spanish colonial period, from churches to museums and even walled cities. And then check out huge markets...more


Goods in Manila are extremely cheap, especially those made here in the Philippines with incredible bargains on offer for those who follow our expert guide right here...more

Activities and sports

Boxing, yoga, golf, running, tennis, tennis, soccer – there are plenty of opportunities to stay active in Manila. Join in cultural activities and meet new Filipino friends along the way...more

Amusement parks

Family fun is a big thing in Manila with a range of theme parks for every age. There are some water parks and world-class amusement parks just a few hours from the city centre...more


Manila is home to some wondrous nightlife encompassing a full range of Filipino culture plus a naughty side as well. Check out a comedy show or sing along in a karaoke club...more


Nowhere does the glitz and unabashed hedonism of festival time quite like the Filipinos and Manila is host to some of the best celebrations in the world including street parties...more

More on getting active in Manila

In Manila, you can see both the rich and the poor, modern and antique and the signature bumper-to-bumper traffic. If people watching is not enough for you, here are other things you can do while staying in intoxicating Manila.

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Filipinos love to shop and it's little wonder that Manila is home to the biggest shopping malls in the country. These gargantuan commerce complexes house entire retail cities comprising of shops, bars, entertainment venues, restaurants and cinemas. Delve into Manila life by spending some time in air conditioned luxury.

Staying active in Manila is easy with lots of parks and open spaces dotted around the city to enjoy. Manilenos are very sporty with boxing and basketball top of the pile. Why not join in a game or get some expert training from top coaches? You may just be the next Manny Pacquiao!

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