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Manila is a bustling metropolis with a litany of diverse cultures and superb tourist attractions worth seeking out, and we have spent hours trying to capture the essence of this fascinating city with these pictures of Manila. Intramuros is a historic mix of Spanish charm and gritty backstreets where modern life seamlessly intermingles with the city’s colonial legacy. Binondo Chinatown is also nearby and perfect for varied Manila pictures.

Our Manila photos include everything from grand Spanish-colonial buildings and iconic parks to street-life and towering cityscapes. Manila pictures offer a rich table for the feasting photo-enthusiast, from Buddhist temples and Catholic churches to sports and great cuisine.

We’ve made every attempt possible to put together a varied selection of Manila pictures which shows off the city in all its glory. Must-see sightseeing attractions are featured as well as plenty of colourful cultural scenes.

Click on any of the Manila pictures below for a slide show:

Notes on taking pictures in Manila

This modern capital has enough photographic stores for even the most hardened photographer where visitors can burn their Manila pictures onto CD or stock up on memory cards, film and other essentials. Tourists can even buy cameras and accessories here, although the selection is admittedly not nearly as great as other Southeast Asian cities such as Singapore or Bangkok.

Be extra careful not to offend religious sensibilities when taking pictures in Manila, and dress conservatively when entering a cathedral or church. Filipinos are extremely forthcoming and will have no problem in being including in your holiday snaps, but it is only polite to ask permission first before clicking away.

Manila pictures will make a lasting souvenir of your visit to the Philippines and there are countless of great subjects to capture on film, so remember to take your camera everywhere and snap away freely. There are superb opportunities for Manila pictures in every neighbourhood of the Metro area, with a thrilling combination of colourful jeepneys, boisterous local people and gigantic shopping malls.

Safety can be a concern in Manila just like any big city, so avoid wandering down dark alleyways with your expensive high-tech gadgetry. But those that stick on the main tourist trail and keep their wits about them have little reason to fret while taking pictures in Manila.

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