Weather in Manila and tourist seasons

Jeepneys are all-weather vehicles in Manila!

Jeepneys are all-weather vehicles in Manila!

As soon as your plane lands at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport you will already feel the warm tropical climate of Manila, which can be surprising if you are not used to heat. Manila’s weather is downright hot and humid, but the temperatures tend to differ by a few degrees according to the time of year. The most important thing to remember is to take precautionary measures to avoid getting a heatstroke and experiencing dehydration on days when the sun is undeniably hot and scorching.

Manila’s weather remains warm all year-round but the seasons determine how hot it could be. In general, the city only has two seasons.

Wet season (May to December)
The start of the wet season varies from year to year. Sometimes it starts as early as May but sometimes it begins in June. This is the season where rains are frequent and typhoons are very common. Rains often come as a result of monsoon winds. Around this season, you may also experience continuous sunny days and then consecutive rainy days following them.

There are also times when it may be sunny in the morning and rainy by the afternoon. May is also deemed as the hottest month when temperatures may rise up to 38 degrees Celsius or higher, but occasional rains and thunderstorms may cause the temperature to get cooler during the day. Around late November or early December, the weather starts getting cooler, especially at night.

Dry season (January to April)
Dry season is one of the best times to visit the Manila because it experiences less rainfall and the weather is significantly cooler in January until it gradually warms up beginning February or March. At its highest, the temperature hits 36 to 37 degrees Celsius, and may drop to 28 degrees Celsius by nighttime. Occasional rains may also occur around this time but they usually happen in the afternoon, and are over within an hour.

Typhoon Lupit hit Manila in Oct 2009

Typhoon Lupit hit Manila in Oct 2009

Guarding against the heat
The humid and hot weather in Manila may affect the way you are able to enjoy your holiday so you need to take basic precautions to make your stay as comfortable as possible. For starters, only wear light clothing. If you do get cold, a simple hoodie or light sweater will do. You can also wear a hat if you have to walk under the sun, or protect yourself from the sun’s rays with an umbrella, the way Filipinos do. Opt to carry a bottle of water with you to keep yourself hydrated and wear enough sunscreen.

A lot of commercialised places in Manila are air-conditioned because Filipinos in general hate the hot and sticky weather. In fact, shopping malls in the city serve as a place where people can escape the heat and occasional thunderstorms.

Manila weather by month

Weather in Manila in January
January is still one of the coolest months in Manila with occasional rains happening around the afternoon. The temperature is at an average low of 71 degrees Fahrenheit.

Weather in Manila in February
It starts getting warmer in February as summer approaches in March but you can still enjoy relatively cool evenings as the weather becomes dryer.

Weather in Manila in March
Mid-March marks the start of the summer season when it gets more humid and the weather becomes warmer during the day. This is a good time to start visiting Manila to enjoy the warm tropical climate of the city.

Weather in Manila in April
Manila in April can become too hot and very humid that even the locals themselves are looking to escape the heat by heading to the beach. Temperatures may rise up to 93 degrees Fahrenheit while the lowest average is about 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

Weather in Manila in May
Afternoon showers start occurring in May, making the weather more humid with that sticky feeling on your skin. Sightseeing may not be spoiled by the rain and the humidity but avoid going out in noontime because the weather becomes very unbearable around that time of the day.

Weather in Manila in June
Manila starts getting frequent rains in June and humidity may worsen. The streets get congested with traffic at certain times of the day, particularly in the morning and late afternoon because it is the start of the school year.

Weather in Manila in July
Manila’s weather becomes a little bearable in July but it can still be a little sticky with humidity.

Weather in Manila in August
Rain becomes more frequent in August until September so remember to bring that umbrella and perhaps avoid driving for long distances.

Weather in Manila in September
September tends to be the wettest months in Manila when more typhoons and even monsoon winds cause frequent rains. It may be sunny in the morning, but rain may come later on.

Weather in Manila in October
Occasional bouts of rain still occur in October but the weather starts becoming more pleasant and cooler, unlike in the earlier months.

Weather in Manila in November
As the rainy season comes to an end, Manila’s weather becomes better with less humid air and cooler evenings. Temperatures may even drop to 26 degrees Celsius at night.

Weather in Manila in December
December is one of the best times to visit Manila because of the cooler weather, enabling you to feel more comfortable while sightseeing. It may still be a little humid but it is more bearable than the summer months.

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